Games, flag and prizes


Use your credits and your football experience to participate in our Fan-Bets. You will have the opportunity to consult a schedule with all the events on which you can bet and place your bet on.

It’s possible to bet on an event in progress, therefore LIVE, or to bet on events not yet started, predicting the final outcome, the goals and also the result.

Share your play and challenge other users to do better than you. Together, it’s more fun.  Remember, you also need a bit of luck.

Express your participation


By purchasing even a single Fan Badge, you will have the chance to become a privileged fan of your favorite team. You’ll be able to influence a team’s choices by expressing your preferences in the surveys that will be submitted to you. Again, you’ll have the chance to confront other fans of your own team.

You’ll be able to vote, for example, for your team’s MOTM (Man Of The Match) and POTM (Player Of The Month).

Each month, in addition, you will have the chance to be elected “Fan of the Month” of your team and win unique prizes and experiences. Football is nothing without the fans, let’s be heard, VAMOS!

challenge yourself


Through the Quizzes you can test your general knowledge about football or further deepen your football skills. There will also be more specific quizzes on individual teams, athletes or some events such as, for example, the Golden Foot.

You can participate in the Quizzes individually or, also in this case, participate in real “competitions” between supporters and fans.

Skills are essential in sport. Show us yours, VAMOS!

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