Francesco Marenghi

Francesco Marenghi is a young italian driver, born in 2007, among the most promising in the entire motoring scene. He started competing in the Easykart championship in 2016 and, in 2021, graduated as italian CAT. Junior champion.

Francesco Marenghi was born in Chiavenna on July 18, 2007. His kart adventure begins a few days before his sixth birthday, thanks to an indoor kart track where he makes his first laps on 4 wheels.

A few months pass and in the autumn of the same year he made his debut with Easykart on board a 50 cc vehicle by joining to BireArt’s EasyTraining program. The 2014 season is based on learning the guide and Francesco begins to get noticed among the best of the program. In 2015 the work of refining the guide continues and excelled to the point of anticipating the category change in the 60cc.

In September 2016, fresh from national Aci-Sport license, made his debut in the Easykart championship with exceptional results, qualifying for final A from the first race and scoring points. Later in 2016 Francesco left the Easykart championship to join: the Italian Aci-Sport championship, the Wsk championship and the Rok-Vortex northern Italy championship.  His adventure continues in an exciting way to the point of breaking record times from the debut with the Rok formula in Adria.

In 2017 he refined his preparation thanks to the contribution of excellent technicians and thanks to the material made available by TopKart.

Francesco Marenghi achieves great results but, at the same time, he has the opportunity to experience bitter disappointments.

In 2018 he became an official EvoKart driver. This is the first real season for Francesco Marenghi, who has the opportunity to collaborate with the mechanic and friend Antonio Galluccio. In 2018 the young driver achieves excellent results.

2019 is the turning point year. Francesco begins to face the first international races and then moves, in 2020, to the Junior category. In July 2021, Francesco Marenghi graduated champion of the Junior category.

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